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MMJHerb's Referral Program
Your patients, your business, and you personally could greatly benefit from medical cannabis card from MMJHerb Clinic!
Help your clients find the healing that they deserve
    • Earn on any appointment at a very low price by inviting your customers.
    • If you reach out to enough people, you can effectively earn a few hundred a day!
    How it works
    Offer your client
    additional benefits
    What are the benefits?
    Help the client fill out the Application Form
    Short instructions
    Earn money
    with your doctor!
    How much will I earn?
    About MMJHerb Clinic
    We are a team of MMJHerb Medical Clinic.
    Since 2016, we have specialized in the treatment and prevention of drug addiction. Every day, our doctors give hundreds of recommendations to their patients, helping them choose the right course of treatment.

    Jonas Aaron, M.D.
    Medical Director
    Benefits for the MMJ card holder
    Cheaper to buy
    Buy more weed, don't pay the recreational weed tax
    Buy and keep more
    Buy and store 8 times more weed, legal
    18+ legalize
    Buy legally from 18 not from 21
    Grow at home
    Grow the best weed at home
    Benefits for the Deliveries and Dispensaries
    Increase in the average check by 370%
    With a doctor's recommendation, the buyer will buy 20% more weed, because medical weed is usually cheaper due to the absence of county tax, plus the card holder has the right to keep (and therefore buy) not 1, but up to 8 ounces of weed that he will buy from you!
    230% increase in traffic due to people aged 18 to 21
    These are already adults and active people who get the right to buy weed only with the recommendation of a doctor. Now-they have become your customers!
    Loyal customers
    After all, now you do not refuse sales to customers aged 18 to 21 years, they will like it and they will come again and again by themselves and with their friends!
    Benefits for the Deliveries and Dispensaries Employee
    A dispensary and delivery employee receives $300...800 daily
    A partners reward
    A dispensary and delivery employee receives up to 30% of the doctor's income as a partner reward.
    Additional payment
    The client pays you to help them fill out the form without errors.
    We appreciate your help!
    Thus, you not only help your business and your customers, but also earn money together with the doctor.
    How to start?
    Register Now!
    Click on the link and register yourself in the partner system. Write to the chat on the site if you encounter a problem.
    Get a personal partner reward rate
    Up to 500 sales discount = 20%, above 500 sales = 30%, connected before January 5 - immediately 30%
    Get promo codes
    We give you promo codes that give your customer 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30% and on $1, $3, $5, $10 discounts and for 100% credit.
    Use It!
    Now you can offer your client to get additional benefits for the MMJ Card holder and help them fill out Application Form. On the payment page, enter your promo code.
    How to work with my Client?
    Credit for our Partners
      We provide our partners with the opportunity to defer payment to the doctor.
      You can pay for all recommendations received during the day in one payment.

      To do this, you need to use a promo code with the number 100 at the end.
      By applying this promo code, you will receive a credit for the entire amount of the recommendation, and pay for it later using your card, through Zelle, Venmo or any other payment system.
      Three models of working with the client
      1. You give the entire discount to the Customer.
      In this case, you allow your Client to pay for the doctor's recommendation at the lowest price. For example: With a recommendation price of $99 and your discount (Partners reward) of 30%, the client will be able to get a recommendation for only $69 and will be happy. Yes, you don't get a partner reward, but you get a loyal Customer.
      2. You give a portion of your discount to your Client
      In this case, you offer the Customer a promo code, and part of your affiliate reward goes to your customer. To do this, you use one of the promo codes that you received from us.
      You only earn the difference between your discount and the discount you gave your client (for example, when paying for a recommendation for $99 with your discount =30%, you provided your client with the promo code FERRY10 for a 10% discount. As a result, your client received a 10% discount and will pay $89 and you earned $20).
      3. With your mark-up
      In this case, you offer your client to pay for the doctor's recommendation any amount higher than the nominal price of the clinic. Your client gives you cash, and you pay for the recommendation with your card, with the promo code DASHR00. Then you will earn not only your discount, but also the margin that you tell your client.
      How do I accept money from a Client for a recommendation?
      • In any of the 3 cases, you can accept payment from the client in cash, and pay to the doctor from your card.
      • In the first two cases, you can accept payment by the client's card, and we will payoff your reward upon your request.
      How do our recommendations differ?
      Any package contains a digital recommendation.
      The packages differ only in the options.
      • MMJ Doctor's Recommendation in a digital format, digitally signed by the doctor for 10 min
      • Possess up to 8 oz

      • MMJ Doctor's Recommendation in a digital format, digitally signed by the doctor for 10 min
      • Possess up to 8 oz.
      • Official MMJ Doctor's Recommendation in paper format
      • MMJ Doctor's Recommendation in a digital format, digitally signed by the doctor for 10 min
      • Possess up to 8 oz.
      • Official MMJ Doctor's Recommendation in paper format
      • Plastic MMJ-ID Card with Personal Photo
      • MMJ Doctor's Recommendation in a digital format, digitally signed by the doctor for 10 min
      • Possess up to 8 oz.
      • Official MMJ Doctor's Recommendation in paper format
      • Plastic MMJ-ID Card with Personal Photo
      • Permit license to grow up to 99 plants.
      In any case, your client will receive a digital recommendation within 10 minutes, paper and plastic - in a few days, in his mailbox.
      What do additional options provide?
      With additional options, the Client receives additional benefits, you earn more.
      Not everyone accepts recommendations in digital form, so we recommend that you have a paper version with a doctor's seal and signature.
      We understand that a paper recommendation is inconvenient to store and it quickly becomes unusable, so we recommend that you get a plastic card.
      The doctor can issue a permit to grow grass at home, many use this opportunity for experiments.
      How to work with my Client?
      The doctor's recommendation gives your client significant benefits and allows you to earn money for you and your business, do not hesitate to offer the client to get a MMJ card, he will be grateful to you!
      What benefits does the MMJ card give?
      Below we have described what benefits the MMJ card gives to the client.
      Does it bother my employer?
      Your employer will be grateful to you for helping them earn more. Below we have described the benefits for your employer.
      How much will I earn?
      On average, our partners earn $300...500 per day
      How will I receive my reward?
      You can request a withdrawals at least every day, in your dashboard in our system.
      We can payoff to your bank account, to your card, through the Zelle, Venmo and other systems.
      How long do you need to wait for the doctor's approval?
      Usually, the Doctor makes a decision in 15 minutes, but for clients from our partners, this time does not exceed 10 minutes.
      Is it legally?
      Our business absolutely legal.
      Proposition 64 adds five new statutes to the Health and Safety Code (HSC) under Section 5, Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes. It provides for the following changes to the Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) program:
      It extends privacy protection to patients who hold a MMIC issued under the Medical Marijuana Program Act (MMPA). HSC Section ยง11362.713 provides for privacy rights of patients by ensuring that all patient information is deemed "medical information," under California's "Confidentiality of Medical Information Act," which is similar to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). It continues the MMIC, limits the maximum fee to $100 per card, limits the Medi-Cal maximum fee to $50 per card, and allows for a fee waiver for indigent patients. It grants new custodial and parental rights protections for patients as follows: "The status and conduct of a qualified patient who acts in accordance with the Compassionate Use Act shall not, by itself, be used to restrict or abridge custodial or parental rights to minor children in any action or proceeding under the jurisdiction of family or juvenile court." It provides that if the federal government reclassifies or declassifies cannabis, the Legislature may similarly reclassify or declassify cannabis to conform with federal law. The California Cannabis Association (CCA) will continue to print MMICs and maintain a registry database for verification of qualified patients and their primary caregivers. Effective November 9, 2016, qualified patients or their primary caregivers will be exempted from retail sales tax on medical cannabis, medical cannabis concentrate, edible medical cannabis products, or topical cannabis if they present a valid MMIC issued by CCA at the time of purchase.
      Where can I get more information about your clinic?
      We are a completely public company and have been operating on the market since 2016. Today, we hold medical licenses from 18 states. You can see our licenses, contacts and social networks on our website